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Alicia Wright



Alicia Wright began practicing yoga in 2011 to try to bring relief to a chronic shoulder injury.  She quickly discovered that there was much more than working with the physical body.  As she delved more deeply into her practice she realized that the benefits to the entire body, mind and spirit were life-changing.  It was at that moment of discovery that she decided that yoga was something she wanted to share in a meaningful way.
Alicia began practicing at Newington Yoga Center (now StrongHouse Yoga) in 2013 and completed the Embodyoga 200 hour teacher training in June 2015.
She is very excited to be part of the StrongHouse community in Newington and thoroughly enjoys sharing this centuries-old practice with others.
When Alicia is not practicing yoga, she enjoys the great outdoors in many ways including hiking, cycling, kayaking, and XC skiing.