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Yvonne Bear

yoga instructor


Yvonne embarked on her yoga journey over a decade ago, seeking inner calmness, physical well-being, and relief from anxiety. Because of a serious back injury she took a two-year hiatus, she resumed her practice gradually, discovering that yoga resonates harmoniously with her body, mind, and spirit. Motivated by a deep desire to share yoga's transformative benefits, Yvonne became a yoga teacher, dedicated to helping others experience its holistic advantages for the mind, body, and spirit. Her teaching approach centers around meditation, breath-centered movement, and empowering students to listen to their bodies and provide the care they need. Yvonne values getting to know her students and offering them options for poses and props, encouraging them to embrace their unique practice. With a focus on pain relief, stress reduction, confidence-building, and self-love, she emphasizes mindful, meditative vinyasa practice that intertwines breath, meditation, and chakra healing exploration. 

Yvonne is dedicated to expanding her knowledge of meditation, pain management, and anatomy through her ongoing participation in Yogafit's 200hr YTT program. She is grateful for every learning opportunity and actively embraces personal growth while sharing her deep passion for yoga with others.

In addition to practicing yoga, Yvonne enjoys a diverse range of activities, including traveling, gardening, hiking, painting, sailing, flying, attending car shows with her son, Richard, and cherishing time with her senior doggy, Codey. 

Yvonne feels honored and grateful to be a part of the Stronghouse Yoga Studio teaching staff and yoga community.

She is looking forward to meeting you on the mat!


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